• Training locations available: 1008 Tillison Ave. Cobourg, Ontario, Ontario
  • Services

    Fitness Assessments:

    • Postural & Movement Analysis
    • Body Composition Assessments
    • Flexibility & Joint Range of Motion

    Personal Training - 50 minute sessions

    For your convenience, choose to train in my studio,
    in-home or on-line.

    • One-on-one private personal training
    • Semi-private and small group training

    Fascial Release and Postural Integration

    50 minute or 25 minute sessions

    Nutritional and Lifestyle Counselling

    It can be to difficult to make healthy lifestyle choices. Lifestyle counselling provides support when you lack motivation, need someone to keep you accountable to your goals, or need help finding how to fit exercise and healthy food into your hectic schedule. Counselling sessions are done in person, telephone or on-line.

    Consultations are Free. Please contact for more information on rates & services (647)-477-6152.