Melissa has taken me from primarily sedentary to an active body in such a short time. I love her gentle yet firm nature. Most importantly, she makes the sessions fun and adds so much diversity, keeping things fresh in our weekly time together. I feel more energetic, empowered, and strong! I found my ideal trainer in her and I hope you will too!

Sandra Lax, Psychotherapist, MSW, RSW, CSAT

Melissa is a wonderful trainer. She motivates me to show up and work hard every session. I have lost 25 pounds in a period of three months. Truly, working with Melissa is awesome! Her knowledge about the body, weight training and related health issues is phenomenal. I love working out with Melissa and I love to recommend her as a personal trainer. She is the best personal trainer you will ever have.

Alda Saldutto

Melissa Flint has helped me look better and almost as important, feel better too. Her professional conduct and great personality as well as her personalized exercise plan and positive encouragement, have helped me reach my health goals. I had never been a very active person before, but I now look forward to my sessions with Melissa every week.

Robin Crumley

When I arrived at my sixties and semi-retired from a demanding job, I began to feel "frumpy" with small aches and pains and loss of flexibility becoming a too-common occurrence! I had tried joining gyms in the past but I lacked the motivation and time to stay with that commitment. The only physical activity I really enjoyed was walking. A friend finally convinced me to try working with Melissa - and I have now been going to her for about three years! She has hooked me with her expertise, her patience and her flexibility in organizing workouts that push me just far enough and keep me wanting to try new things! She has even designed a workout for me while I am away on vacation or at the cottage that does not require that I find a gym! She is a consummate professional with a friendly manner and a great sense of humour, even when faced with a challenge like me!

Audrey A

When I got pregnant with my first child I gained much more weight than my doctor recommended. When I got pregnant with my second child I went straight to Melissa for help maintaining a healthier pregnancy. She was amazing! She saw me through to the third trimester and ensured the program was adapted for optimal maternal health every step of the way. With her guidance and training I had a healthy delivery, fast recovery and, unlike the first time, my weight gain was right on track. Whatever your fitness goal - Melissa can get you there!

Olivia Scobie

I started training with Melissa twice a week eight years ago. We trained hard for a year to prepare for my first attempt at mountaineering. Thousands of lunges, step-ups and squats later, I found myself on the summit of Kilimanjaro. I was 63 years old.

Two years later I completed a 2-week trek to Mount Everest base camp.For the last few years I have raced up the annual CN tower climb along with my daughter Amy. This past October my 8 year-old granddaughter, Jessie joined us. She edged me out by less than a minute. Currently I am working hard to beat the kid next time around ;)

If you want to achieve your goals, stay strong, fit and healthy, give Melissa a call. You won't regret it.

Lawrence Ballon MD

Melissa is great personal trainer. She motivates me to show up and work hard every session. She trained me during both of my pregnancies in a safe but challenging way. She kept me fit and ready for both my children's births and my body went back to normal after birth in minimal time. I love the results!

Karie S

I have trained with Melissa Flint for 8 years and I can say, unequivocally, that she is the best personal trainer I have had - and I've had a few! Melissa's knowledge about the body, weight training and related health issues is rock solid. She works with me to create an exercise plan that is both enjoyable, practical and yields results. She is supportive, encouraging and utterly professional.

I am a "mature" woman and am not particularly athletic yet I really look forward to my sessions with Melissa and I know, if I didn't commit to training with her twice a week I wouldn't exercise consistently nor would I be feeling as strong and as well as I do. At my age, mortality stares you in the face, so, training with Melissa is my investment in a healthy and productive future. And, unlike other trainers, she never pressures you into booking more sessions. But her professionalism, her delightful personality and the results you get, all make you want to keep coming.

Diane Volgyesi

A personal trainer must possess three main qualities. They should have a seemingly infinite knowledge of bodies and the way exercise affects one. They should be able to keep regular workouts challenging and interesting. They should possess an engaging personality. Melissa Flint has all three.

Doug Linton

In Melissa Flint I have found a personal trainer who has both an impressive amount of knowledge about the body and sensitivity towards the individual needs of her clients. She has worked with me for over three years and has kept my workouts interesting and fun. I am consistently challenged but never feel strained or injured. Since working with her, I have noticed a real improvement in muscle tone, strength, and stamina.

Her studio is bright and serene and has none of the distractions of a large gym.

Marilyn Linton

I began training with Melissa after I gave up running because of a knee injury and my sessions with her have become an important part of my regular routine.

Melissa's expertise, before and after my knee surgery and after a subsequent knee fracture, helped me rebuild muscle, increase flexibility, and fully recover. Training with Melissa has enabled me to ski in the Rockies, and hike in the Himalayas and Patagonia, with more strength and stamina than I ever had, and without pain.

An added benefit is Melissa's knowledge about diet and encouraging manner.

I recommend her highly.

Helen Feldmann

I have had four different trainers over the years and hands down Melissa is the best trainer I have ever had!

Fay Weir

I have been a client of Melissa's for five years. When we first met, I was 58 years old and unable to challenge myself. I was so weak from years of inactivity that building muscle and strength was difficult.

Now our sessions together are a favourite part of my week and my fitness continues to improve. Melissa has shown great patience, and has been truly inspiring, keeping me interested in constantly learning about ways to improve my life. I heartily recommend her as a personal trainer.

Janet Inksetter

The first things that come to mind when thinking of Melissa are that she is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and creative. If an old injury has flared up, she modifies our work so that I can continue to improve but not risk further injury. But perhaps the only thing I need to say is that she makes working out fun ? okay, how about just less daunting.

Lisa M.